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Certainly more beautiful, all hope is that it will be even faster. The Mirabella team, now led by Sergio Marchioness, has presented the car to Vettel and Raikkonen for the new season.

The signs you pass, even when they are red, and been touched with Sergio Marchionne to enact a revolution without even a half term. For the more inevitable delay until the Ferrari comes in half a second per lap. Unveiled today, the new SF15-T, strictly on-line, with a pragmatism that invites us to postpone the first reviews to in order to test the car on the track at Jerez, presently scheduled from February 1st.

The group choices: “A beautiful Ferrari is the one that wins,” the motto dear to the Commander to Maurizio Arrivabene (the new Principal of the team), with an allusion to the performance that you would expect from a car with different color choices than ever before. More black and more oomph, but also a famous quote on the side that will not go unnoticed by the fans. Mark the Alfa Romeo logo, a tribute to the new strategies of the Group FCA to Marchionne that incorporates the snake in the pool of sports brands, but also a kiss to the past Team Ferrari spun from a rib of the racing department of Arese.

The near future. Today we talk about SF15-T. The name references to the Turbo (with T final) and the Ferrari team, with the ‘S’. In essence, over 1500 hours of wind tunnel and 250,000 hours of studies for a new car especially designed to refine the Ferrari motorsport heritage, as well as to overcome the cars’ shortcomings last season. This has been done, in particular, with regards to the power deficit. From the generous sides in the central area and then the narrow lines towards the tail you can imagine a different placement of the group of turbocharging and cooling systems, we see what it takes to raise the availability of horses without affecting the reliability of the Power Unit. It is amazing that the muzzle with its long and flat shape is very similar to what was done by Team McLaren with his new Mp4-30, all to recover thrust on the ground through increased air flow underneath the bottom of the car, all being within the regulations of 2015 which provide a front zone of the lowered frame.

Vettel to debut. “If the situation was like that of 2014, it would be difficult to fight and win. But they are here for this one and not to come in second. I do not expect problems with Kimi. They will be hard to beat, but we get along, even if it is not in so many words. This is the first comment of the four-time world champion on Red Bull. “It would be wrong to have suffered from high expectations. It will be difficult to be up front from the start. It would be wrong to have suffered high expectations. It will be difficult to be up front from the start. For me there is a change of color, but the car looks beautiful. “

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