The long wait is finally over: Elon Musk has launched his revolutionary space-based internet service, Starlink. This satellite system offers broadband internet connection with amazing performance and can be rented or purchased depending on the user’s needs. Let’s discover together all the details and data on the speed of this innovative technology.

Starlink Applications

Starlink proves to be an excellent solution for areas where the network does not reach with optical cables, telephone lines, or radio bridges. It is also suitable for mobile locations, such as campers, buses, and other means of transport, as well as for buildings in the countryside or in remote areas, reachable only from space.

Starlink Antenna Technology

The Starlink antenna is equipped with two motors that allow the dish to continuously search for the best signal. In fact, as soon as it is installed, Starlink incrementally optimizes itself until it reaches its maximum performance in 6-12 hours. Once the sky has been mapped, the system can guarantee an optimal connection.

Starlink Speed in Italy

Thanks to the tests carried out by Ookla, we can confirm that the download speed of Starlink in Italy reaches 223 Mbps, while the upload is 28.04 Mbps. These results demonstrate the potential of this service for those looking for a high-performance internet solution.


In conclusion, Starlink represents a significant innovation in the field of internet services. The performance offered, with a download speed of 223 Mbps and an upload of 28.04 Mbps, makes this service a valid option for those who want high-speed internet access in different situations and locations. Thanks to Starlink, high-speed internet access becomes more accessible for millions of people worldwide, helping to bridge the digital divide and promote equality in access to information and opportunities offered by the global network.

It is important to emphasize that this article is not an advertisement, but only a journalistic and cultural description of the Starlink service and its performance. The goal is to provide useful and up-to-date information to interested readers, without any promotional intent.





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