In the mists of dark times,
an invisible enemy strikes,
taking lives, stealing smiles,
leaving hearts shattered.

Heroes in white coats fight,
while silent tears flow,
for those who are gone, in memory,
the strength of love endures.

Deserted streets, denied embraces,
young hopes broken,
seek refuge in oblivion,
veiled by fleeting dreams.

In the shadows, unscrupulous figures,
hide within the folds of tragedy,
enriching their pockets with deceit,
while the common people tremble.

But another enemy lurks,
where war seemed a distant memory,
sleepless nights return to threaten,
obscuring our path.

A single voice cries out for hope,
in the silence of this night,
that the dawn of a new day may rise,
illuminating the path to peace.


Alessandro Sicuro



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