On the occasion of the brand’s return in style to Milan fashion week, Alessandro Michele revealed the colab with the active sportswear brand Adidas, which had been rumored for some time.

The Trefoil, accompanied by the Gucci writing in capital letters, and the three white stripes appear almost everywhere: on the sleeves and pockets of the jackets, on the triangular-cut maxi shoppers, on gloves and enveloping hats and on the shoes, where a heel features the classic gold-colored double G and the other the Adidas symbol.

Preceded by an invitation to keep (a notebook with the sheets divided into three parts, which reissues the game  Gira la Moda ), the show took place in a hall covered with mirrors. «I used the metaphor of the magic mirror – explains Alessandro Michele – to express the phantasmagoric power of fashion. A sacred power, which radiates from the surfaces of the fabrics ».

«That’s where my work was born, on these tactile surfaces – continues Michele – through cross references, alterations, loopholes and grafts. Juxtaposing words and meanings. Altering the stability of perception. Manipulating and magnifying the existing ».

The clothes, explains the designer, are nothing more than “optical laboratories, magical machines that can give life to tales of metamorphosis and re-enchantment”.

On the platform, the eighties air starts from the soundtrack, with  Smalltown Boy  by  Bronski Beat (a 1984 classic) as the leitmotif, while David Bowie  hairstyles appear here and there  . The classic nail is presented in a white version, with a handful of studs.

The game of contaminations has countless variations: active, luxury and sartorial meet and intertwine often and willingly, as in the double-breasted gray suit, with a wide cut, to be worn on the black tank top with maxi Trefoil. White, on the other hand, is the tank top to match the dressing gown-like coat, decorated with the image of the horse, and the black leather trousers. Meanwhile, under the maxi coat in yellow ecofur, a lace body peeps out with worked hold-ups.

The feminine ensemble is emblematic with an important skirt, a train, and a fitted sports top, red and black with the inevitable white stripes, while the sparkling disco-style jumpsuit contrasts with the wide camel coat with exaggerated faux fur lapels and the reinterpretation of tartan. There is no lack of a touch of Renaissance in the model with flourishes and ruffles. Among the accessories, unmissable berets in all shapes, thin ties, reminiscent of those of Mods and high belts with maxi buckles.

In the parterre the most photographed is certainly  Rihanna , with a prominent baby bump and a sparkling Cleopatra hairstyle, together with her partner  A $ ap Rocky . Attention is also drawn to  Jared Leto ,  Achille Lauro  and  Ferragnez , him in a nerd style and she with a pink suit on bare skin and, instead of a bra, two applied stars.

The show was organized according to advanced sustainability criteria. The Gucci Hub in via Mecenate is in fact certified  Leed  (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)  Gold , recognized for healthy, efficient buildings where cost saving is at the fore.

The event itself made use of the  ISO 20121 certification , concerning the environmental, social and economic aspects in all stages of its production and related supply chain, and moreover reserved for the first time for the show as early as September 2019. In 2020 the ‘ISO 20121 has been extended to all Gucci presentations, so not only fashion shows but also digital events and campaigns.

It should be noted that the materials used will for the most part be reused or donated to realities such as  La Reserve des Arts  in Paris and  Spazio Metà  in Milan, while some have been rented. Focus also on the recycling of waste and on catering, made of organic foods, plastic-free packaging such as cutlery, reusable aluminum bottles for the staff. The leftover food was donated to charities.

Finally, the show was carbon neutral and greenhouse gas emissions, but also energy consumption, measured with the support of  ReteClima : these emissions will be recovered by defending biodiversity starting from forests, according to   Gucci’s Natural Climate Solutions Portfolio . .



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