I personally love this beautiful event. I find that it is unique, it is the best for its location, for the style, for the energy that it manages to transmit to everyone during this week of fire. I had neglected the Pitti winter shows in 2019, because I was busy in Los Angeles and New York for an American project in which I had the pleasure of participating as artistic director and communications strategist. Then in 2020, after the MFW, we all know what happened. After many months, next 11 January we will be able to see this beautiful factory of ideas and image reborn.

Pitti Immagine Uomo 101 edition starting tomorrow 11th until 13th January. These are the numbers: 548 brands present, of which 152 from abroad  and 20 only online. Many of the cocktails canceled to respect the distancing.

We can therefore speak of an estate of the show even if the magic and energy of the events and parties throughout the city will be missing, first of all that of the special guest Ann Demeulemeester , who should have been on the track on the evening of 12 January at the Stazione Leopolda, in a moment of relaunch for the brand, acquired by  Claudio Antonioli , who instead preferred to make an appointment with the press and buyers next June.

Also canceled the  special event  of  Caruso  at the Marino Marini Museum, scheduled for tomorrow, 11 January (but the collection will still be on the stand), while the event will have to deal with the defection of one of the leading brands, Brunello Cucinelli, which has decided to give up for precautionary reasons, even if at the same time, as scheduled, the menswear sales campaign will start in the Milan, New York and Shanghai showrooms.

And there are also those, like  Re-Hash , who opt for an intermediate solution, confirming the presence of the stand in the Fortezza, but without sending any of their employees and collaborators to Florence to protect their safety.

Defections are also expected on the buyer front. In total, 2,712 from Italy and 982 from abroad are registered, but they will not arrive from China, Korea and Japan, except for those based in Europe. On the other hand, America will depend on the measures adopted by the various realities, some of which do not allow their employees to travel.

As explained by the managing director of Pitti Immagine,  Raffaello Napoleone , «in the face of some absences there is the hard core of those who confirmed their presence at the show, expressing the desire to leave again and to be in Florence. The government says that fairs can be held and for our part it is important to give the sector a sign of resistance, naturally in the name of safety. We must learn more and more to live with the pandemic, which unfortunately will accompany us for a while longer “.

In addition to the reinforced green pass and four buffer points, Pitti has purchased 20,000 Ffp2 masks, which will be made available in the Fortezza. There will be problems instead for those who are vaccinated with  Sputnik  and  Sinovax , to which the gates of the fair will not be open.

For the rest, the event remains faithful to the announced formula, with the three sections  Fantastic Classic , which represents the evolution of the classic in its most contemporary versions,  Dynamic Attitude , which has the outdoors at its center as a meeting point between sport and streetwear. and  Superstyling , which places the emphasis on new stylistic canons, anticipating trends.

The liaison with  Unicredit , main sponsor with a focus on sustainability and innovation issues, continues. A partnership that takes the form of two distinct projects. On the one hand, the Sustainable Style initiative  , dedicated to the selection of eco-conscious brands. On the other hand, the appointments dedicated to the theme, scheduled at the UniCredit Theater , the location where the inauguration ceremony will be staged tomorrow morning at 11, which will also be broadcast in streaming.

Worth noting is the return to the scene of the special  Scandinavian Manifesto area , with a selection of innovative Scandinavian brands, the result of the liaison with the Revolver  fair  in Copenhagen. A partnership that this season also includes the launch of a space  within the Northern European event, from 2 to 4 February, with a selection of Italian labels curated by Pitti Immagine.

Alongside the off-line showcase of the show there is, as usual, the online Connect fair , which started on 7 December last. The platform integrates the physical event, thanks to the digital showcase dedicated to the labels on display and the program of special projects, online on  The Billboard .

Tonight, on the eve of the fair, we will talk about the dynamics within the sector during a meeting at the Manifattura Tabacchi entitled  The recovery of fashion passes through Pitti , with the participation of  Claudio Marenzi  (president of Pitti Immagine),  Marco Fortis  (director of  the Edison Foundation)  and professor of industrial economics and foreign trade at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Catholic University ) and of  Erika Andreetta (Partner of PwC Italia, consumer markets Consulting Leader).

Alessandro Sicuro  for ________  Sure-com America

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