A little more than a year after the publication of “Ceci n’est pas Leonardo”, a success re-edited in several languages, “No one has ever really discovered the Americas” is out today.

12 October 1492
A date that more than any other is in the collective imagination and to which the birth of modern society can be traced back. Thanks to an intuition of a Genoese navigator, who left Palos de Frontera on 3 August of the same year, which allowed him to discover the rich lands that separate the Atlantic from the Pacific, humanity would have definitively become aware of the totality of the planet. . who lives.

We owe mainly in derivation to the stubbornness of this character, perhaps too hastily elected “hero of the New World”, all that has contributed to shape modern society, in uniform under the mirage of a globalization that is producing more harm than real benefits. , in short, it is what we are taught and repeated since we have the gift of reason.
Things, however, did not go quite like this. In reality, what has been acquired conventionally is only the result of what those who control the historical narrative wanted to convey to us, but things have definitely gone another way.

With the narrative logic and documental punctuality that distinguish it, thanks to a vast amount of completely unpublished information and surprising connections, therefore, the author of this work wanted to give us a total reinterpretation of what, without a doubt, was a epochal event that has contributed to definitively change the course of history that has conditioned every aspect of the social, artistic, political and economic life of humanity in general, but not in the terms with which we usually assume it, but, precisely, in a reconstruction and completely original storytelling.

No one has ever truly discovered the Americas, then.

The “discovery” is only an expedient to justify a mass expropriation, moreover built through an infinity of lies imposed through an infinite intellectual, documentary and cultural conditioning, on the basis of which the geopolitical balances that have contributed to determining the today’s globalized society, characterized by all the contradictions, corruptions and failures that the system tries to hide.

“No one has ever truly discovered the Americas” is a reading that will change the way of perceiving history, art, geography, the present and, why not, the future.



Riccardo Magnani is an Italian researcher I have been following for some time, his brilliant theories are answers to the questions I have been asking myself for some time. Many clues and documentary evidence support his theses, destined to revolutionize the history of Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance in general. Born in Lecco on January 25, 1963, Graduated in Economics and Commerce, for some years he has dedicated himself full time to Leonardo’s study, soon becoming the author of several publications in which he summarizes his innumerable and innovative readings of him.


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