Always a good idea to put in a great day’s work when there is a new boss in town. Which was very much the case on Thursday with Veronica Etro, with a bold strong statement in her first runway show since private equity fund L Catterton bought control of the brand.

Presented inside a cavernous hanger in south Milan, the collection featured all the classic Etro signature – bold paisleys; marbled fabrics; and kicky weekend tailoring.

Though this season, Veronica added in a hip-hop twist with humungous prisoner pants, bling-bling metallic tanks and paisley golf hats. For red carpet rapper moments – huge denim pants embroidered in sparking paisley patterns.

A primary-color Etro, best exemplified by the mustard yellow paisley stamped leather shirt jacket worn over matching hot-pants, athletic bra and collapsible bag. Co-ordinated – with matching marbled silk picnic dresses and leggings. Though with plenty of tailoring: classic white tuxedos or ecru Nehru jackets.

Like everyone in Milan she is obsessed with platforms; hers are held on with golden studded straps. Plus, Veronica showed some of the look of the moment; the saucy crocheted Himalayan bra. All worn with dangling earrings or forearm bands, on models whose faces were sprinkled with micro pearls.

However, quite why she decided to climax the show with an ear-splitting display by a dozen drummer furiously battering oil drums was hard to fathom. This merely drummed everyone out of the show immediately.









Alessandro Sicuro  x  Sure-com America







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