Once upon a time the perception of a company was closely linked to its economic power. 

Only the big ones could afford to structure elaborate marketing plans, pay for reliable co-ordinates (just remember  Steve Jobs  who, in 1985, paid $ 100,000 for the logo of Next, conceived  Paul Rand)  and carry on some sector studies to understand how the brand was going perceived by their customers.

All this has changed and today the field is open to anyone who wants to play and companies are free to build their own image, trying to do it in the best way. Here are the 5 simple steps that every small business should take to develop their brand in the best possible way.

Today with the advent of the internet and social media and blogs, search engines take much less time to get an idea of ​​your content and your related activities. So they make a score and relative positioning of your web pages more quickly. But remember to make them …

1.  Define your brand

Before presenting it to the whole world, ask yourself questions:

  • What kind of company are they? 
  • What are my goals? 
  • What sets us apart from the competition? 
  • How can we produce better products or services?

Ask yourself more and more questions to define your business, services and future goals, after which write and double-check them as much as possible, to stay in line with what was said.

2. Create a Logotype

A logo is your visual identity, theirs represents the company and the people who work there. The logo design must have certain qualities:

  • Unique – Your logo must be unique since it represents the identity of the brand, make sure it stands out from the competitors’;
  • Visually appealing – The logo should please you, it must be beautiful to look at, but by ensuring that it does not leave the line traced in the document created in the first step, it must always represent you;
  • Stimulating – Giving people food for thought, at the sight of your logo;
  • Standardize – Make sure your logo follows industry standards. Easy to print on different media. It should be readable in different sizes, colours and be recognizable even from a distance.

The only limitation that separates you from the creation of a logo is your imagination. Rely on a professional agency. Saving money in this field means losing money. Look for an agency with proven experience and projects to show you, show them the document created in the first step and make sure that your logo reflects all the things written above.

3.  Get the website and blog built

There are online services that offer you pre-packaged solutions at very low prices, but here we are not just talking about creating a website.  The ultimate goal is to use this site to promote your brand.  So instead of doing it yourself or using ready-made models (throwing away time and money), rely on an agency to do the job for you. Hire a professional who can provide you with all-round assistance, from design to development, and who also offers you an annual care plan.

In the end, your site should reflect these points:

  • Be coordinated with your logo, style and colour;
  • Provide the right information, have all the content in the right place and written correctly;
  • Being easy to navigate, usable and accessible to all;
  • Be easy to update and easy to use, so that you can update the content yourself;
  • Being indexed by search engines;
  • It can be consulted from different devices, both from computers and from portable devices, such as tablets and smartphones.
 4. Give style to your work

In designing the logo, the site and any other promotional element, keep in mind that you are actually designing pieces of a larger design. This larger design is your brand.

Make sure that all the parts that compose it are coordinated with each other, the logo must be the same in the business cards, on the site and on all the products of your company. Your e-mail signature will be coordinated with the headed paper, the fax form and your site.

The consistency of individual things is representative of your professionalism, seriousness and attention to detail that you can put into your business. All this is a way to further impress your customers, retain them and increase the professional confidence they place in you.

5.  How to get a good disclosure

Small businesses have limited resources to spend on marketing. But new technologies offer many advantages in this regard and can be the turning point to overcome this problem.

Through the development of creative ideas and using social networks, you can advertise your brand without spending a fortune, but with the certainty of reaching both those who are already your customers and those who are potential, thanks to the catchment area of ​​the web and social network

However, web marketing is not always easy to manage. It takes a long time to devote daily to this activity; a lot of attention to avoid not becoming annoying, unwanted or even being labelled as a spammer, creating damage to your business rather than bringing benefits.

The important thing is that you don’t forget these points:

  • It is not enough to talk with and about ourselves, to listen to what others are saying;
  • Participate in conversations and discussions. It is not enough to stand there and watch, participate;
  • Show your human side. Don’t just be an entity that offers its products exclusively. 
  • Don’t add contacts at random.   create a contact list that is consistent with what you do, putting the point of those who follow, those who are following you and why, and note the possibly relevant figures under the company profile. Post content possibly filtered by interests. People are more likely to respond to your social interactions if they share your same interests.

Also, in this case, consider the possibility of relying on third parties to take care of your content on the web. Hire an agency that does the job for you , save you time and provide you with a list of possible parallel activities to promote your brand, along with social media marketing. If you find the right one, they are called:  Web Agency, they will give you all the complete services, building your sites and blogs and pages and managing all your pages the graphics the daily posts, will build the brand reputation of your brand. Brand reputation is the only thing you need to monitor because the more you grow the more value you and your company have. the most advanced Web agencies will provide you with the weekly benchmarks of your BR Klout

These are just a few points that will allow you to start off on the right foot, to properly develop your brand. 

But remember that it is an ongoing process. You get to learn from your mistakes, sometimes by improvising in the process. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, they are still a safe way to learn new things.

Alessandro Sicuro

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