The ITALY – EU confrontation is a meaningless conflict, the two elements are complementary to each other. The Europa System risks taking a road with no way out.

If the contrast between Italy and Italy were heavier, the prospects would not be rosy.

It is true that attempts at mediation are in progress, but the risk is that both parties find themselves, if they retreat, in an unfavorable political position. A counterproductive stall and extremely profitable for international speculation.

In reality, Italy and Europe have every interest in reaching an agreement. The boot is fundamental in an already lame Community ergonomics of the United Kingdom.

For this the roads of a possible solution are mainly two.

The first hypothesis is a market intervention to “soften” the position of Rome with a further increase in the Spread. This means the intervention of those who have the opportunity to move large speculative volumes in defense of the current European establishment and its convictions regarding monetary control and public accounts.

The second, more reasonable, is an agreement between the contenders. Politically reasonable to maintain a unitary semblance in the EU and economically reasonable because the increase in the GDP deficit ratio is the only measure that can move the stagnant euro area economy. Without considering that if this affair should lead to an Italexit, the risk for the Euro would become extreme and would end up burying it definitively, turning the next elections of May into a declaration of bankruptcy of Euroland.

A solution to this problem is absolutely necessary and in the interest of all the member countries because the European Union can no longer afford parameters that are too rigid and even less so that individual national interests prevail within it. The challenges are very heavy and difficult to face, challenges that call for unity and development, that is, the opposite of what is happening.

The confrontation with a globalized economic world and growing with the increasing dynamism of the emerging countries, their growing importance and impact in the global financial structure. Issues such as environmental control, which also translates into higher or lower expenditure on health, land and human resources. Political structures that are emerging and developing in extremely fast ways and where the Union has virtually no voice in the chapter.

These are fundamental problems of development, creation of foundations for a more stable future, sustainability and political weight in the choices that will be made.

In this sense, the old continent is absolutely unprepared to face the situation as opposed to it, even for their own structural essence, the United States, Russia and China. We can not therefore present them as divided and quarrelsome as in these days. It is not only useless and counterproductive, the risk is to find yourself exactly, and with a few cards in hand to play, in the wrong place in world history.


Alessandro Sicuro for Sure-com America


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