Essence of Femininity Inspiration on 2017 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends

The essence of Femininity paints a strong picture transforming the unique attitudes, behaviors, and roles characterized for each women.  The runways from Italy, England, France, and New York for 2017 Fall/Winter fashion trends focused on the nineties minimalism welcoming flares of colors on pink, mauve, couture red and glitter lurex from head to toe. Particularly, the lurex knits was exposed vintage appeal to renewed silhouettes. The pink and mauve colors on dresses most often associated with charm, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness and romantic essence of femininity in women. From the 2017 Spring/Summer fashion trends, the pink color tones transforms from fuchsia to bubblegum pink, blush rose or bright magenta on lame, sequins dresses. The red color still appearing on designs for women enhancing their attractiveness and positive feelings, such as the silk georgette dresses strikes a balance with semi-sheer translucency and the longer, Victorian-flowing length for this season

We will continue to capture from floral patchwork on catwalks for 2017 Spring/Summer fashion trends through renovation to vintage floral prints to everything from casual to formal tops and dresses for runways 2017 Fall/Winter fashion trends. Also, this season featured classic-vintage inspired coats. Moreover, the reappearance of stripes print textiles on revealing plaid designs continues on this season changing towards the world of aristocracy from English Royal Family with wide-legged bottoms. The designers are bringing back bell bottoms from the middle of seventies and earliest twenty century. Formerly, the bigger jack appeared on this season combining with vintage jewelry and rhinestone-diamond like appearance softened with feminine details. Fur is far and wide typically been used in neutral, natural tones from full fur coats to fur lined or cuffed jackets, to small fur trimmings on designs. The Denim still appearing on catwalks but with a slight shift towards cowboy-inspired look. Velvet textile revival were the printed and embellished blue velvet numbers and the black tunic-like dresses with patterns made from shell.

The nature of flow on designs and textiles resembles ease and relaxation. Each design for 2017 Fall/Winter fashion trends allow the body to flow letting go the tension of our bodies, minds and hearts. The romanticism on catwalks details upon lace-up buttoned-up blouses, skirts and dresses. Spaghetti straps from the nineties romanticism and feminine influences on thin rounded straps held up on body crop dresses. We will encounter the detailed embroidery look on fur collars resembles the “Russian Dolls” and flower tulle long sleeve dresses.  Ballet beautiful flattering skirts cut with flouncy movement sustain the essence of femininity and romanticism silhouette giving the beloved texture of modern appeal. Turkisa Brand 2017 Fall/Winter fashion designs proposal anticipates the semi-sheer translucency sheer floral with a delicate touch of sequins and crystal beads from casual to formal wear based on the colors bubblegum pink, blush rose or bright magenta pink, mauve, couture red and glitter lurex with a vintage look on their tunic like dresses honoring the Caribbean women femininity and silhouette.

Written by:

Dr. Carmen I. Figueroa-Medina

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sure-Com America

Web Agency Communications

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