Alessandro Michele, i had already guessed its holistic vein Of course the scenery and the music in the parade yesterday showed a remarkable alchemical component, hidden in the subliminal message that travels next to his creations. An initiatory journey of young apprentices who parade around a pyramid. No it was not the Da Vinci Code but the unified parade Men – GUCCI Woman. As for the news, there will be written for weeks, Alessandro Michele was very clear explaining in a few words the most complex show that you can design.

The event was held in the new headquarters of the Maison built in the former industrial buildings of the Caproni workshops in via Mecenate in Milan, the MecenateHub: 35,000 square meters of industrial architecture back to life. The 800 guests seated in a covered hall starting with the rich purple velvet curtain that hid an incredible Plexiglas walkway, by the desired effect, I do not see, “a stress for photographers, I guarantee you.” To watch the show around 800 guests, including actor Jared Leto, Charlotte Casiraghi, the Asap Rocky and Florence Welch, protagonists invitation shaped vinyl – with Jane Austen songs and William Blake engraved above.

But we come to the show, 80 women and 40 men marched in a transparent tunnel that ran intone a “pyramid”, the center of which, on top of a rooster wrought iron, symbol of alchemical transmutation according René Guenon, but also a symbol of the France that has conquered one of the most prestigious Italian brands, in my opinion. Michele Alexander continues, “my creations are like in a chemical laboratory, when you put in a pot still the elements and do not know the outcome,” so it was born the alchemy of desire which realizes the enormous economic results of Gucci (over 21% in the fourth quarter of 2016), we can talk then, even in the bag “Michele effect”.

His style is fueled by strange and wonderful things like a few pieces Women like the white mink fur with inlaid flowers on his back, a sublime black suit ruffles, from the heavenly evening dress embroidered with crystals and brocade suits, as well as leggings , tennis bands, straw hats, but especially suits, jackets, wool caps for her. Men on the other hand there are mesh leggings, shorts, capes, cloaks, leggings.
The men’s proposals, perhaps the edge of my understanding, I do not understand it because in recent years the man has been so extreme by excessively, or dresses like the hard, muscular macho, or it ridicules with masks of comedy films. Why leave out one slice of the market that dresses an understated elegance and inform them reasonably and overdoing it, there is even the suit of comic film Borat lurex.

The guests were received at home the invitation – a vinyl LP with the recorded voices of Florence Welch, pop star boho chic and watch collection testimonial that reads “The Night” by William Blake to the tune of “Traversée” of the Israeli composer Armand Amar (side a) and the rapper a $ AP Rocky who reads the love letter to Frederick Wentworth to Anne Elliot in “Persuasion” by Jane Austen (side B).

Alessandro Michele, a creative talent. He has created a work of high innovative level both technically and artistically.
Congratulations not only for the collections but also for new collaborations with JAYDE FISH artist, and visual communication works in New York.
In addition to the new tissue fantasies inspired by the FISH graphic works.

In the words of Alessandro Michele; “I love to discover new forms of madness” and art what else is it but a clear vision and a bit ‘crazy dream drawings of the human soul …

Alessandro Sicuro

by sure-com America

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