The Vasari Corridor closed for two years, the re-opening will be quite different



percorso_corridoio_vasarianoThe Vasari Corridor closed for two years, the re-opening will be quite different: goodbye to the walls portraits, cheapest tickets

We See in two years. The last group visited the Vasari Corridor Wednesday, November 30: at 18, normal hours, closing. The reopening will, however, in 2018, and everything will be different.

A partial reopening will be actually in about a year, in November 2016, as confirmed by theimmagini-quotidiano
director of the Uffizi Eike Schmidt. Will be that of a kind of ‘antechamber’, a ready room before the entrance to the Corridor and where a part of the many self-portraits will be transferred now adorn the 500 meters in a dense running, crossing the Arno over the Ponte Vecchio, from Palazzo Vecchio to Palazzo Pitti.

la-galleria-degli-autoritratti-nel-corridoio-vasarianoSelf-portraits, hundreds, many of inestimable value, within the Corridor fact too suffer the summer heat and the winter cold. In addition to those displaced in the ‘antechamber’, many others will be arranged in a new hall to the Uffizi museum, with the aim to enhance them and make them more accessible and appreciated by the public.

Vasari Corridor will remain in the new sculptures. The ticket to access it will be muchcorridoio-vasariano cheaper (we think 10 euro more per ticket for the Uffizi, so far visit the Corridor cost more than 50 Euros), with the aim of making it accessible to a much higher number of visitors .

The work, which will cost a few million euro, they are then required to retrofit safety: some emergency exits will indeed be created, as well as a lift to allow wheelchair access.

Alessandro Sicuro


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