Fashion and Urban Art in Exclusive Designs of Turkisa



schermata-2016-12-28-alle-16-53-18During the afternoon of December 18, 2016, the city center of Arecibo and theschermata-2016-11-24-alle-14-21-37 Mugs restaurant opened its doors to the prelude of several designs of the spring / summer collection for 2017 of Turkisa. The designer Mency Marie found the perfect inspiration in the urban art displayed by the walls of the buildings of the city center combining the innovative fashion exercise with the designs of the Turkisa collection. The particularity of the urban art framed in the beauty of the designs illuminated in the color of the precious stone, turquoise received the applause of the audience. The designs are made with basically turquoise, green, white, black and gray colors very well worked with embroidery, lace and transparencies placed right in the perfect place. Each design emphasizes the simplicity, freshness and comfort that the Caribbean woman needs in a warm and humid climate in Puerto Rico. “The idea of schermata-2016-12-30-alle-17-52-07capturing beauty that emanates from the murals of urban art on the streets of downtown has been a historical and modern result in equal parts, as a black dress with inserts in lace combined with a 43.11″ accessory expressed the designer Mency Marie. I asked the designer, who celebrated the preview in a particular and innovative way in fashion, the reason that led her to celebrate it that way. ” My main objective starts from the concept  “paradigm”. It is a term of Greek origin, `paradeigma`, which means model, pattern that is used in everyday life as synonymous with ‘example’ or to refer to something that is taken as’ worthy model to follow.
It is to promote the quest to do new and different exercises developed in Puerto Rico’s fashion scenario, “said the designer.

One of the surprising details of the presentation of various designs has been the presentation of 43.11 handmade accessories with a combination of dell’Abetone rocks, the purity of Carrara marble, the sea of Castiglioncello and the heart ofthumbnail_tailor Santa Croce sull ‘ Arno that are made in Italy.The colors of the collection were the perfect combination for the 43.11 accessories. In particular, the chain with black stones and another piece in cream and brown shades looked spectacular with several designs combining black, gold, sequins and lace.

schermata-2016-12-31-alle-01-53-00Exclusively, the designer has fulfilled her intention to perform new and different exercises. The shift in the use of chains in metal and stones in black for trousers by placing them as necklaces of the designs of short suits has been revealing. Another 43.11 piece that caught the attention of the audience has been the turquoise bracelet in semi-precious stones with turquoise gauze blouse set and white lace long pants. The touches in the turquoise, green, black, white and gray color schemes adopted in the designs of each piece were a successful selection for the Caribbean woman. Turkisa presented to the audience several sets of accessories composed of glass stones and a piece in sea glass. It is a sign of the commitment of the designer in its support to the cleaning of beaches and the use of recycled materials for the making of women’s accessories. After the culmination of the presentation of several designs of the spring / summer collection for the 2017 Turkisa, the express hearing will closely follow the upcoming February 2017 presentation of the limited edition of Turkisa celebrating the theme of love.

Alessandro Sicuro


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