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The countdown to the Turkisa Brand opening has begun. On December 22, 2016, Turkisa Brand showed limited designs from the 2017 Spring-Summer Collection at Mugs Restaurant in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. The attendants to the exclusive and limited event had the opportunity to appreciate and agreed the mix of colors and textures exposed from the fabrics based inspired on the turquoise gems for the clothing and accessories pieces. Appearance as perhaps the best weapon for getting attention, at the same time you look stunning for people and shine to other your inner light. There’s a story behind a scenes of the fashion show can’t started if the protagonists of the makeover of the chief model from Turkisa Brand, Mency Marie.


15682618_1287276948027207_964154920_oThe transformation of her hairstyle, color and facial appearance to show people they can change, be more attractive, look and feel happier. Every women has their own beauty. The inspiration of the hairstyle, make-up and face obviously will transformed women to become like a celebrity. The psychology behind the makeover considers the science that deals with mental processes and behavior. The role hair plays in an individual’s self-image stretches way back to ancient history. Hair settings the face and is the feature considered most important in terms of first impressions. It’s also one of the features most often recalled after a social interaction. Hair matters in relation to our general sense of attractiveness; which is intrinsically connected to our confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes, women’s associate confidence with feeling in control, and hair is one way that most of us can be in charge in terms of the vast number of ways in which we can alter it. Hair can give us the external appearance of being well managed and in control.


On Daniel Soler interview, I received the impression from a creative and inspirational human being. Soler is the hairstylist and colorist of the chief model for Turkisa. Every hairstyle, color and makeup represents the successful and strategic exclusive creation from Soler which every women need to control each and every aspect of her life. He has nineteen years in the field of styling in Puerto Rico. His professional career was inspired by his mother who is a stylist and who has been his guide since his first steps in styling. He has collaborated in hairdressing salons such as Tere González, Crossway, among others. Soler has had the opportunity to work in modeling competitions as stylist and makeup artist such as: Puerto Rico Top Model, Puerto Rico Petiza, Puerto Rico Fashion Week. He currently works in the prestigious beauty salon of Amado Salón located in Plaza las Américas at the municipality of San Juan. As Soler mentioned on our interview: My greatest satisfaction is to create styles for each client according to their personality”. From other perspective, the integrated wholeness of the organism must be one of the foundation stones of motivation theory. If we consider the well-known Hierarchy of Maslow Needs, every human being pursue loving, fair, realistic, relaxed, self-sufficient, spontaneous, creative, and agreeable.  Assuring him or her also has an honest directness, a playful spirit, a history of successful risk taking, and a way of moving through life that seems effortless. That is why people especially women often face the challenge of how to look good. They feel like appearance was the most important value. Society places on appearance that ultimately leads him or her to make a positive decision in reference to select the best combination on clothing, accessories, hair style and coloring, makeup, also body and facial appearance.

thumbnail_amy-burgosOur second interview was focus on Ammy Burgos as the lead professional on facial appearance for the chief model for Turkisa. She had seventeen years of experience dealing with facial appearance makeover. Every beautiful man or woman is consistently evaluated in a positive light from her knowledge in facial treatments. Accurate impressions of health and intelligence are limited to perceptions of people in the bottom half of the attractiveness continuum. Over evolutionary time, her ability to quickly extract information from faces has given to every client an edge in predicting character and behavior. Burgos expressed on our interview her objective on every client: “My objective is transforming those faces were better-looking than average holding on their inner beauty”. Soler and Burgos are two Puerto Rican leading the makeover of Mency Marie for the Turkisa according to its brand philosophy focus on the famous bible verse; “He has made everything beautiful in its time”. Both of them on their corresponding expertise areas collaborate to the unique reputation of the chief model of Turkisa. On the next edition, our readers will have the opportunity to outlook the limited designs from the Turkisa Brand 2017 Spring-Summer Collection. From the Editor-in-Chief of SURE-COM communications and Turkisa Brand, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.

Alessandro Sicuro


Sure-com  Communications

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