Turkisa brand creation by female clothes and accessories



35kj490Turkisa© is an exclusive brand dedicated to the creation of female clothes and accesories designed and manufactured here, in Puerto Rico, where the art creations born from the creative hands and intuitive mind of women.

Turkisa was inspired by the designer Mency Marie, on the basis of blue-to-green mineralimg_1399 and precious gem, Turquoise.
Creativity and intuition of each piece, from design, Turkisa©, remains the first lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word to every woman.
Turkisa means happy colors that engages people to life and emotional balance and stability. The elegance and simplicity that each piece of fashion, has the ability to improve empathy and confidence building.

img_1704Mency Marie discover her inspiration in the arts, science and education. Born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico as an accomplished individual that feels satisfaction with the quality her life like a CEO. Granted, many of her students learned to use their common sense, practical, pragmatic and critical thinking to work through a logical process. As students advisor really made a difference supporting them to acquire the professional competencies to cope the contemporary business environment.
She have the boundless creativity, curious and critical allowed her several international recognitions due their contribution on human resources management and business education. She had the strength of optimism and choose to create the momentum for the development of Turkisa Exclusive Brand on fashion design industry in Puerto Rico.

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