Tropical Beauty, Paradise and Romantic Summer in Puerto Rico Beaches

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Tropical Beauty, Paradise and Romantic Summer in Puerto Rico Beaches

Puerto Rico has been recognized for their tropical beauty of beaches and romantic atmosphere around the island. The beaches around the island offering hundreds of beaches with a remarkable uniqueness. We will start up our journey detailing the best beaches geographically located at the eastern region of the island.  Our journey begins with Flamenco Beach located in Culebra Island 20 miles off the north-east coast of Puerto Rico.  Travel and Leisure magazine recently named as one of the top thirteen beaches in the world due the natural beauty.  Flamenco Beach is one of the most popular beaches on Culebra with crystal clear and peaceful waters, also white sands and soft with the colorful garnish of green mountains, palm trees and wonderful coral reefs. One of the best beaches for snorkeling to outlook the sea turtles eating the grasses loads of colorful fish and corals of all types, particularly sea urchins and fire coral.

The Sun Bay is one of the most outstanding blue swimming beaches located in Vieques at seven miles east of Puerto Rico bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the north.  The two-mile crescent landmark has a panoramic view, peaceable waters, white and black sandy extensive coastline and camping area. During the evening, tourist and photographers can capture the amazing magical natural wonder of the brightest bioluminescent bay of the world located at the Mosquito Bay. Commonly known as Puerto Mosquito is located at the southern shore of the island of Vieques. The Guinness Book of World Records 2008 officially has been officially declared the brightest record of the world with microscopic microorganisms emitting a blue-green light for about a decimal of a second. The magic and glow of these plant-like forms creates spectacular evening for a romantic night. You can get to Culebra and Vieques via passenger ferry from Fajardo located at the eastern region in Puerto Rico or by flying the San Juan (SJU), Isla Grande (SIG) or Ceiba (RVR) airports.

La Monserrate Beach is located in Luquillo at the northeast coasts, northwest of Fajardo; and east of Rio Grande. The beach also named Luquillo Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island due location, facilities, kiosks, gazebos, camping area and facilities with people with disabilities. The Luquillo Beach reveals the coastline has lots of majestic coconut palms for shade and crystalline the crescent fine sand perfect for sand castle building. The most wonderful scenario for photographers noticed the impressive mountain at El Yunque Rainforest and enjoyed the unique spot to view both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  It is the Puerto Rico’s largest tropical forest surrounded by vegetation. El Yunque is the only sub-tropical rain forest with approximately 29,000 acres but the one of the most biological diverse of the national forests system hosting hundreds of animals and plant species, especially tropical birds as the Puerto Rican parrot. The wildlife paradise of El Yunque where you will able to hike to waterfalls, an observation tower and observe the park’s diverse plant and animal life. During the months of July and August, visitors take the advantage of the cool river pools and shady picnic areas.  Certain types of special use permits such as those required for commercial filming and photography, special events and activities, outfitter/guide and tour operators, scientific research and various land uses (e.g., communication and broadcast equipment and road and water rights-of way). The Seven Seas Beach located on the north east coast of Puerto Rico near the town of Fajardo. Seven Seas Beach is famous for its crystal clear water, pristine sand and a crescent shaped beach lined with palm trees, facilities for people with disabilities, and camping area. One of the greatest beaches for relaxing and snorkeling and offers many activities for people of all ages and see the lighthouse in the distance. There is a coral reef resembles a sea-grass area that you can see all sorts of sea creatures like sea cucumbers and conch to watch while snorkeling.

Our journey also details the beaches at the northern part of Puerto Rico. The Escambrón is a little beach located in the metropolitan area just step from the one of the oldest city in America, the Old San Juan, precisely in Puerta de Tierra section of town, next to the old Normandie Hotel and the Parque Sixto Escobar. The Escambrón is an excellent family-friendly beach alternative for water sports and surfing. It has a small crescent of clean sand and usually calm waters and the coral reef a short distance from the beach. It also is lined with trees which provide lots of shade from the sun.  La Playita Beach is a swimming area and good for snorkeling or Scuba between some reefs on the east side closer the the old Normandie hotel part of the marine park of Escambrón.  Another recognized beach located on the north area of Puerto Rico is approximately 45 minute from San Juan commonly named as Puerto Nuevo Beach.  It has golden sands and a limestone natural rock barrier protecting from the huge violent northern swells form the Atlantic Ocean. The rock outcroppings act as a wave break offering a magnificent view and photo captures. The best place chosen by families and young people on weekends to enjoy this unique tropical beauty just to relax.  The third most well-known beach of the northwest area of Puerto Rico is called Jobos Beach located in the northwestern municipality of Isabela. It is mostly frequented by multitudes of young people, families, surfers and tourists who wish to spend a day under the sun and to enjoy water sports with the breezy atmosphere. Jobos is not categorized as a swimming beach, but the stretch of sand offers surfing and a little exploration around the coastline. The fourth most famous beach for water sports mainly surfing commonly known as Crash Boat is located on the municipality of Aguadilla. It has a paradise-like panorama portraits an immense and tranquil turquoise sea known for the abundance of colorful fishing boats strewn along his shore and the small island known as Desecheo on the horizon. It is an excellent beach for diving and snorkeling, exclusively around its iconic bridge.

Our outstanding journey finish with the two most frequently and beautiful beaches located at the western region of Puerto Rico. Boquerón Bay Beach located in Cabo Rojo municipality has a joyful atmosphere and panoramic view to celebrate many beach festivals each summer. The beach offers over a mile of light golden sand with the view of the Caribbean Sea in various shades ranging from dark navy blue to light turquoise like glass. The coastline has hundreds of palm trees, mixed with almond and Flamboyan tress offering an excellent postcard scene for photographers. The beach also provide handicap access to the ocean. Our last stop detailing the best beaches of Puerto Rico belongs to Guilligan Island or Aurora’s Key as part of the Dry Forest Reserve of Guanica.  It is widely recognized for its famous channels perfect for snorkeling, swimming in the calm and crystal clear water. Part of the fun to travel to Gilligan Island is to get transported by boat. The island of Puerto Rico and the offshore islands comprise a truly beach lover’s global destination for tourists and water sports fan. Close your eyes and imagine the tropical beauty, feel the breeze and dance with the wind, palm trees and the clear blue waters to reach a romantic summer in Puerto Rico beaches.

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