Schermata 2016-04-01 alle 17.01.24There once was a nasty piece of marble, narrow and long, very fragile, unsuitable and insufficient to contain a figure anatomically perfect.

The Consuls of the Wool, in Florence, in 1460, gave it first to Agostino di Duccio and six years later to Bernardo Rossellino but this artist, after having sketched the outline of a figure and ascertained the fragility of some ribs, She abandoned him.

After thirty years the same block of marble was given to 25-year old111097 Michelangelo in 1501.

Michelangelo accepted the challenge of obtaining his David from that Bianco Carrara but not to be placed in the buttress of the dome by Brunelleschi but there in front of the Palazzo dei Priori (Palazzo Vecchio) and this was immediately supported by the bearer of Pier Soderini Justice.

scultorMichelangelo found the fragile veins and stucco with lime mortar and marble dust and brought it back to its natural sanding.

From that piece of white marble Michelangelo does derive its David, symbol of the freedom of a people against tyranny and unique portrayal of the hero before delivering the stoning that will hit the giant Goliath.

David is the personification of a city like Florence, is the symbol of the Renaissance, whichfirenze-trasporto-david-michelangelo-fa86dbc4-6887-4cf9-9eaa-a7ac902ae15d has its roots in the classical world, is the symbol of respect for the biblical tradition and the modern intellectual claims of new humanistic society.

Master creates his David already in its final position: there, on a pedestal above the last step, the left of the main door of the Palazzo Vecchio. David should be a warning to the rulers that inside that building will govern. That ‘s where Michelangelo gives the finishing touches on his marble to find the right light and proporzionarne vision direction to those who are about to enter the building. To a sculpture light is essential component.



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