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Your Facebook page is active and following all the rules of good case, you have added your photos, links, and descriptions. With your strength or with a campaign of Facebook Ads are also able to accumulate a good number of fans, but despite this, the post you posted does not appear to be even a third of “likes” you have won, how is it possible? The answer to this question is the Edgerank Facebook, which is an algorithm that decides which posts are displayed on the notice board of every person (and thus to each and every fan). Every person on Facebook can have a maximum of 5,000 friends, imagine how it would be if the board all updates comparissero at the exact moment they are published: scroll would see a series of posts without having time to read some! That’s why Facebook has created an algorithm to show each person only a part of these updates, the ones he thinks will interessagli more. According to this interesting post published on Smartinsight are three factors that affect this algorithm: Affinity: most often go to visit someone’s profile or a page of some product that we love, the more easily its updates are displayed on our notice board. In practice, this factor measures the level of interaction with people within our network. The weight: the more the content of a post is akin to our preferences the easier it is to see it in our bulletin board. It is the value assigned to each post to Facebook based on the preferences expressed by each person. The “freshness” show on our Facebook wall the latest updates. This is called the “time lapse” after a certain period of time after publication, Facebook considers a post “old” to be shown as news. This should convince you that if you want to be visible on the bulletin board of your fans, you have to be very careful all’Edgerank Facebook. How? To improve the affinity of the council is to encourage interaction with your fans more comment, share and they click on your post the higher the chance of appearing in their bulletin boards. Know your fans and know what they are interested in will be of great help when you want to stimulate them with questions, contests or promotions. To create posts that have some weight, learn to use the images. It is a simple and easy way to get likes and comments, especially if the photo is special or funny. Even creative videos are a good way to generate interest. But remember, to appreciate in value, all content published on your business page on Facebook to be in line with the interests of your target audience. In order dell’Edgerank, timing is essential. If your target audience is young people of school age and continue to publish your post in the morning at 10.00 it is clear that none of them will show your fans. It is important to know the habits of your audience and know what is the time in which it is easier to find it offline, and then choose the most effective timing. Another rule: Do not overcrowded. Two, three posts a week is more than enough to stay in touch with your audience without that feels besieged and finally decides to hide from his news.

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