A real time scenario where instead of Kamchatka, there has been a real start of continuous cyber-attacks abroad, but also within the country.    This is what shown on the map online by Norse (see map), an American company specializing in computer security, which allows you to see how at the time of writing, a great deal of attacks started in the United States, to arrive back into the United States and measure much less  in Hong Kong, Spain, Canada and Australia.

Meanwhile, from Changsha in China, they have started an attack on Seattle pointing toward Los Angeles, as well as trying to hit St. Louis; while there is someone from Yokohama attempting to do the same. The arrows move incessantly on the screen showing a continuous exchange of attacks between the United States and China. Because, behind the top spot in the United States, there are Chinese hackers always at work.

The site also allows you to understand who are the masterminds of the cyber-attack(s), the area from which the attack(s) has originated, as well as the IP address of the PC of origin. You can also analyze the methodology of the actions of cyber criminals, thus allowing security companies to study the trends and assess the extent and scope of the bugs.

Italy does not appear at the top of the standings although this does not mean that we are safe. Recently, the site of the Italian secret services has put together a document that lays down the rules to be followed by SMEs to protect their data. And Symantec, one of the giants in the world of computer security, has revealed that thousands of power plants in 84 countries, including Italy, have been the subject of attacks by Dragonfly. The hacker group allegedly stole the information, but the plants would have risked sabotage and disruption. 8% of the total number of attacks would hit the central Italian stations.

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